Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Red Planet Day! (Mars)

Red Planet Day commemorates the launch of the Spacecraft Mariner 4 on November 28,1964. The 228 day mission of Mariner 4 brought the spacecraft within 6,118 miles (9844 kilometers) of Mars on July 14, 1965.

The Mariner 4, the first spacecraft to obtain and transmit close range images of Mars. It took 4 days to transmit the image information to Earth and the spacecraft returned useful data until October 1965, when the distance from Earth and its antenna orientation temporarily halted the signal acquisition.  Data acquisition resumed in late 1967 and continued until December 20, 1967.

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Cyber Monday is almost over!

Cyber Monday is a marketing term for the Monday immediately following Black Friday, the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, created by companies to persuade people to shop online. 

The term made its debut on November 28, 2005 in a press release entitled "'Cyber Monday' Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year".

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HQ prefers definitely powdered sugar!

It's National French Toast Day! Do you like yours topped with fruit, syrup or powdered sugar? Got a fav PA diner that serves it up just right?

Today is National French Toast Day!

November 28, 2011 is

National French Toast Day

It’s National French Toast Day! French toast is the perfect way to start your day. Although it is typically made with bread, milk, and eggs, and then topped with delicious maple syrup, many variations of this classic breakfast can be found around the world.
The origin of French toast is unknown, but recipes date back to the sixteenth century in Europe. Prior to the Hundred Years War, French toast was known in England as "poor knight's pudding" because it was a basic and affordable dish that a knight with no money could afford. In France, it was called "pan perdu" or lost bread, because it was a way of using lost or stale bread.
Celebrate French Toast Day by surprising your friends and family with breakfast for dinner!

Birthday freebies from Anderson Cooper:


Monday, October 24, 2011 8:47AM
On today’s show, Anderson learns about a variety of birthday specials available at restaurants. Here, we summarize all of the birthday specials mentioned so you can take advantage of the great deals. 
Please remember, it is always best to call the restaurant ahead of time, as birthday freebies are subject to change. 



Sign up for the Baskin-Robbins Birthday Club and you’ll receive a free-scoop coupon and a discount on your birthday cake.
It is always best to call the restaurant ahead of time, as birthday freebies are subject to change.

New shopping twist: Green Gift Monday?

Nature Conservancy/Screen capture
Just a reminder that it is Green Gift Monday, an alternative to Cyber Monday. Jeff wrote previously:
The Green Gift Monday campaign is from The Nature Conservancy. To participate, it's the same deal as last year:
1) Sign the pledge to give green this holiday season. 
2) Promote the day through social media, using the hash tag #GGM2011 on The Twitter. 
3) Don't forget to tell your regular friends, too, through something called "word of mouth."
The Nature Conservancy provides Seven Tips for a “Greener” Holiday that include receiving less, giving wisely, wrapping right, using e-cards, buy a real tree (always a controversial issue) and I think the most important, spend some time in nature.