Wednesday, December 7, 2011

got chocolate?

Hope you had a great St. Nick Day.

how clever is this?

Reindeer cookies

cotton candy = snow?

December 7, 2011 is

National Cotton Candy Day

It’s National Cotton Candy Day! From the sweet, sugary taste to the soft, fluffy texture that melts in your mouth, what's not to love about cotton candy? William Morrison and John C. Warton invented cotton candy in 1897, but didn’t introduce it to the public until the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. It was an instant success and sold for 25 cents, half the cost of the admission to the event!
Did you know that cotton candy was originally called "fairy floss”? It was renamed in 1920. Today in Greece, Israel, and India, it is often referred to as "old woman's hair!”
Although cotton candy is most commonly consumed at outdoor fairs and festivals, you may be able to pick up some delicious cotton candy at your local grocery store to enjoy on National Cotton Candy Day!

love flying? This is your day!

In 1996 the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed that 7 December was to be the "International Civil Aviation Day".

The day had been celebrated by the International Civil Aviation Organization since 7 December 1994, the 50th anniversary of the signing the Convention on International Civil Aviation.

Source/Photo credit: Wikipedia (photo: Airbus A380)

Today is Pearl Harbor Day

Today is "National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day", which is observed annually on December 7, and is to remember and honor all those who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 (70 years ago today).

On August 23, 1994, United States Congress designated December 7 of each year as "National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day".

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is also referred to as "Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day" or "Pearl Harbor Day". It is a tradition to fly the Flag of the United States at half-staff until sunset in honor of dead patriots.

Source: Wikipedia
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how fun is this?

got candles?

Hope so, because today is Día de las Velitas (Day of the little candles) is one of the most observed traditional holidays of Colombia. It is celebrated on December 7th, on the eve of the Immaculate Conception, which is a public holiday in Colombia. This day is the unofficial start of the Christmas season in the country.

On this day, people place candles and paper lanterns on their windows, balconies, porches, sidewalks, streets, parks and squares, in short, everywhere they can be seen, in honor of the Virgin Mary and her immaculate conception.

Source/Photo credit: Wikipedia